WSI now supports the KMT NEOLine 40i Waterjet Pump!

WSI now manufactures and stocks premium waterjet replacement parts for use on the KMT NEOLine 40i waterjet pump.  WSI high-pressure waterjet parts are manufactured in WSI’s facility in Joplin, MO USA and are completely interchangeable with the NEOLine 40i KMT waterjet replacement parts. WSI has specialized in the manufacture of high-pressure waterjet parts for use […]

New Part Numbers Assigned to WSI’s Autoline Style Cutting Head

WSI recently assigned new part numbers to its KMT Autoline Style Abrasive Cutting Head Assembly. WSI part number AB05147970 is an Autoline Style Abrasive Head which includes a .043” abrasive insert.  It replaces KMT part number 05147970. WSI part number AB05078530 is an Autoline Style Abrasive Head which includes a .030” abrasive insert.  It replaces […]

Meet the V40

High-End Performance. Low-End Price.  Poised to make pump ownership a first-time reality for many businesses, the V40 utilizes WSI’s industrially-proven intensifier technology for a fraction of the price and footprint.  The V40 was designed to serve the waterjet cutting needs of the masses, maximizing efficiency and output at a substantially lower purchase price. Proven heavy-duty […]