Spring, Flat Outlet Poppet, Sealing Head

Part Numbers:

WSI Part Number: SP05147863 KMT Part Number: 05147863, 20460033, 49894116 Other: 1-11330, 5000127, 103674, 6103674, 100112

Product Weight:

Weight: 0.002 lbs.

Product Details:

KMT Waterjet part number 49894116, listed here as a cross reference number, was a straight spring which was used in KMT SL-IV waterjet pumps and seal head repair kits. It has now been replaced by a flared spring with WSI part number SP05147863 (KMT part number 05147863). The flared design prevents the spring from becoming wedged inside the outlet poppet of the seal head which was an issue with the straight spring design.

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