The WSI Commitment

Found in Everything We Do

For businesses both large and small, WSI Waterjet Systems International (Formerly named Waterjet Service Inc.) takes pride in being the globally established, recommended and trusted, designer, manufacturer and servicer of ultra-high-pressure and high-performance waterjet cutting pumps and replacement parts.

WSI is defined by patented and industrially-proven waterjet cutting products, which are unmatched in value and always accompanied by our uniquely personalized service and support. WSI is here for our customers long after the sale and throughout the lifetime of their waterjet cutting needs and operation.

WSI’s cutting pumps and parts offer reduced operating costs, a longer running life and ease of operation and maintenance.

Patented Technology –  Only WSI Handcrafts

With patented design features that provide performance and reliability unparalleled by our waterjet-cutting competition, WSI’s intensifier technology is among the most advanced in the world. WSI is the only waterjet designer and manufacturer to handcraft.  Everything from frame welding to patented technology is created onsite by WSI’s skilled team of engineers and machinists.

Rigorous Quality Control Standards

Our attention to detail and rigorous quality control standards are unmatched within the waterjet industry. No part, component or pump will be branded with the WSI name before passing a battery of meticulous inspections that guarantees both aesthetic and working perfection. It is this strict process that plays into WSI’s reputation for having the most durable and dependable waterjet cutting products.

Service and Support Long after the Sale

WSI is operated by some of the waterjet industry’s most experienced and respected veterans, which have lead our company’s winning approach to providing customers with the reliable long-term relationship critical to the successful operation and maintenance of high-pressure waterjet cutting pumps.

Built on more than 25 years of experience and cutting-edge research and development, all WSI Waterjet Systems International products are made in America, and built to deliver proprietary technology and unrivaled dependability to the world.