Our Loyal Customers

Our commitment can be found in everything we do – from the quality of our products, to the performance of our equipment, to our truly unique and personalized waterjet cutting service and support.  It has become a welcomed expectation of our customers.

No matter the Industry or size of business, WSI customers are loyal and happy. We intend to keep it that way…


 “I just wanted to take a couple minutes to thank you for your continuous support. Your team has proven to be very customer-oriented and provides the utmost in customer service. We have found that WSI’s prices beat your competitors’. Keep up the good work.”

— Troy A. Martin, Maintenance Supervisor, Cessna Aircraft Company, USA

”WSI service is great, and very fast. You guys rock. I am not satisfied

with the service of our other waterjet suppliers.”

— Patt Garrett, Purchasing, International Automotive Components, USA

“We would be in big trouble if we didn’t have WSI to help us with

our waterjet parts. Thanks to you and your team.”

— Mr. Gudjon Thor, Maintenance Supervisor, Hedinn, Iceland

“WSI produces a quality product with excellent service. We are going to be upgrading our waterjet cutting system soon and are asking all waterjet manufactures to incorporate a WSI pump into the system.”

— Craig Newell, Craig Newell Welding, USA