WSI Patented Technology

With design features that provide performance and reliability unmatched by the waterjet-cutting competition, WSI’s patented intensifier technology is among the most advanced in the world.

No other waterjet manufacturer can offer the critical enhancements of WSI’s patented technology—like our Dura-Check Replaceable Seat Check Valve Assembly on both inlet and outlet ends. This isolates the valuable check valve body from contact with moving parts, meaning worry-free operation and the longest running life available.
If you have a surface or materials that need cutting, then one of WSI’s varied ultra-high pressure and performance waterjet cutting pumps are industrially proven to power the job. No matter the size of your business, or model of WSI pump needed, all of WSI’s waterjet cutting pumps are built with WSI’s patented intensifier technology.

Since the Postwar Era, the evolution of waterjet cutting technology has thrust waterjets to the forefront of the machining tool cutters—with waterjet cutting being credited for providing reliability, versatility, control and the ultimate in cutting accuracy.

WSI Waterjet Cutting Pumps cut a variety of products: food, metal, glass, stone, and tile—even paper. WSI also services a wide range of customers from Automotive Industry Giants, to the finest Italian Granite Slab Fabricators, all the way down to the Solo Artist who wishes to meticulously cut and create unique works.

The utilization of an abrasive combined with ultra-high pressurized water produces waterjet cutting power without the heat associated with other cutting methods. The properties and structure of the materials being cut are not altered or compromised because of the lack of heat produced with waterjet cutting.

And in the age of “Going Green,” waterjet cutting is known as a “Green Technology” for its lack of output disposal and non-hazardous material waste.

  • Intensifier Technology
  • Pump Features
  • Pump Advantages

Intensifier Technology

WS2007, WS2008, WS2009: Dura-Check Replaceable Seat Check Valve Assembly – Patented replaceable seats on both the inlet and outlet ends isolate the valuable check valve body from contact with moving parts, thus providing longer life with worry-free operation. No other manufacturer offers this enhancement.
U.S. Patent
No. 7,278,838
WS1016: Industry-leading Allen-Bradley electronic shifting precisely programmed to maximize performance and component life.
WS2002: Hydraulic Drive Assembly – Precision-aligned internal plunger seals offer triple the life as compared to externally accessible hydraulic cartridge designs.This precision alignment also extends high-pressure seal life while reducing downtime and operating expenses.
WA1007A: Large-diameter, ultra-high-sheen ceramic plungers further extend hydraulic and dynamic high-pressure seal life. The longest, slowest cycle rate in the industry reduces pressure spikes in the system and virtually doubles fatigue life as compared to other waterjet pumps.
WA1013: Ultra-smooth metallic cylinder liners all but eliminate replacement costs and do not clog the high-pressure system, orifices, and filters like expensive plastic liners offered by other manufacturers.
WA1006, WB1006: Uniform threading on both sides of the cylinder – Provides quick and easy disassembly of one side or both sides of the intensifier for simplified maintenance, superior to tie-rod designs.
The same threading on both ends of the cylinder provides valuable diagnostic testing and extends operational life.
WS1039, WS1021, WS1041: Patented ball check valve design delivers faster response times, lower replacement costs, and more forgiving operation.
U.S. Patent No. 6,021,810
With design features that provide performance and reliability that are unmatched by our waterjet-cutting competition, WSI’s Intensifier Technology is among the most advanced in ­­­the world.

Pump Features

Oversized hydraulic reservoir has two large access doors for easy maintenance.
Autoclave-brand high-pressure tubing and fittings throughout the system provide maximum operation life.
Large, 1.2-liter accumulator ensures low pulsations in the high-pressure system (2.4-liter optional)
Proven, industrial, high-pressure intensifier with ceramic plungers standard.
Allen-Bradley electrical components.
Oversized, low-load motor.
Motor mounted on high-load isolators to reduce noise and vibrations.
Two-canister filtration (1 & 5 micron) for improved water quality and low replacement costs.
Bosch Rexroth hydraulic components throughout the system.
Interchangeable, high-efficiency water/oil, air/oil cooling. Use water cooling during summer months and air cooling during the winter season to reduce utility costs.
Frame is constructed from 2" x 3" structural steel box beams. No tack welding.
Inlet, cutting water booster pump included in the unit.
Optional Allen-Bradley junction box or control panel with multi-language touch screen.

Pump Advantages

  • Slow intensifier speed – Reduces the number of pressure spikes in the system and the number of pressure reversals. Virtually doubles the fatigue life as compared to other waterjet pumps.
  • Pneumatic bleed-down assembly for depressurization of the high-pressure system immediately upon shutdown.
  • A PLC control panel monitors the system. The control panel includes an
    Allen-Bradley MicroLogix processor,
    shutdown enunciators, emergency shutdown,
    motor starters, overload relays
    and disconnects in the US models.
  • Low hydraulic oil pressure – 2700 psi / 185 bar.
  • Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pump and components.
  • Hydraulic recirculation pump provides more efficient cooling and enhanced oil filtration.
  • Hydraulic throttle block helps reduce shifting intensity on pressure reversals.
  • Dial compensator allows easy control of the cutting pressure.
  • Dual compensator provides simple control of the cutting pressure for tasks such as piercing or drilling.
  • Hydraulic oil cooling system with full-flow heat exchangers and thermostat-controlled temperature.
  • Brass fittings on the entire inlet water system to protect against corrosion.
  • Complete set of spares, special tools, and comprehensive manuals with each unit.
Model E50c
Optional side panels and top cover provide additional sound proofing and protect against external contaminates.
Model V40:
High-End Performance. Low-End Price.

The V40 utilizes WSI’s industrially-proven intensifier technology for a fraction of the price and footprint. Designed to serve the waterjet needs of the masses, the V40 maximizes efficiency and output, and is poised to make pump ownership a first-time reality for many businesses.