On/Off Valve Parts

Pneumatic Valve Assembly, Normally Closed

WSI Part Number: VL1000

Weight: 4 lbs.

Assembly Includes Nozzle Nut and Orifice on Straight Water Valves.
Please designate orifice size, and nozzle tube in the note to salesperson area during checkout.
This Assembly Contains:
1-VL1001R Valve Body, VL1000
1-VL1002 Actuator Assembly, VL1000
1-VL1003 Valve Stem
1-VL1004 Valve Seat, VL1000/VL2000
1-VL1005 Seal Assembly, VL1000/VL2000
1-FTAGL90 Gland Nut, 9/16"
1-FTACL90 Collar, 9/16"
1-MSB3393 Nozzle Nut, 9/16"
1-NTA,NTB,NTC,etc Nozzle Tube, Specify Length
1-VL1006 Back Up Ring, VL1000/VL2000

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