Plunger Assembly, UHP, Ceramic, 60 KSI / 94 KSI

Part Numbers:

WSI Part Number: FW010253-1 KMT Part Number: 20457912 Flow Part Number: 010253-1, TL-001005-1 H2O Jet Part Number: 100013-1 Other: 1-11309

Product Weight:

Weight: 1.242 lbs.

Product Details:

This plunger assembly is compatible with both the Flow 60k ESL and the 94k Hyperjet intensifiers.
WSI plungers are highly polished and have the smoothest surface finish in the industry. The smoother the surface finish, the longer the seal life and the higher the resistance to mineral and particulate buildup on the plunger. Mineral and particulate buildup
contribute to shortened seal life and plunger life.