Hydraulic Cartridge Seal Assembly, SLIV+

Part Numbers:

WSI Part Number: SP05130091 KMT Part Number: 05130091, 05009030 Other: 1-12107, 5000019, 104954, 6104954

Product Weight:

Weight: 0.185 lbs.

Product Details:

This Hydraulic Cartridge Seal Assembly is compatible with the following KMT Waterjet Pump Models with 60k and 90k pressure ratings and .875 plungers. This includes the PRO I, PRO II, PRO III, SL-IV 15hp - 60hp & 100hp Dual Topworks, SL-IV Plus 15hp - 60hp & 100hp Dual Topworks, SL-V 15hp - 60hp and SL-VI 15hp - 60hp. It is also compatible with some late model HSEC Neoline pumps with 15hp to 60hp motors.

This cartridge assembly is also compatible with all WSI K-Series Waterjet Pumps with horsepower ratings ranging from 30hp to 60hp.

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