Streamline Pro-III

Repair Kit, Sealing Head Assembly, SLPRO III, 90K, Flat Inlet/Flat Outlet

Part Numbers:

WSI Part Number: SK7219013213 KMT Part Number: 7219013213

Product Weight:

Weight: 0.098 lbs.

Product Details:

This kit is used to repair KMT sealing head assembly 7219002179 on KMT PRO III waterjet pumps. This kit is not designed for use on the KMT PRO III sealing head assembly 72170157 which utilizes a ball poppet on the inlet side of the body.

WSI offers an UPGRADED VERSION of this repair kit - see part number SK7219013213A. This version uses hex head style screws which are more robust and resistant to stripping than the Allen head screws offered in the KMT version.

The Seal Head Kit Contains:
1-SK72180616 Outlet Seat, Sealing Head, SLPRO II / III, 90K
2-SF72149952 Washer Set, Inlet Poppet Retainer, 8-32
2-SK7219013186 Retaining Screw, Inlet Poppet Retainer, SLPRO III, 90K
1-SL05116561 Flat Outlet Poppet, Sealing Head
1-SP05147863 Spring, Flat Outlet Poppet, Sealing Head
1-SL05116751 Spring Guide, Flat Outlet Poppet, Sealing Head
1-SF20453619 Inlet Poppet, Sealing Head, Single Inlet
1-SK10146082 O-Ring, Sealing Head, SLPRO, 90K

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