Streamline SL-V

New Item! Sealing Head Assembly, DuraCheck, SLV, Single Inlet, Seat. CLICK Here To Learn More...

WSI Part Number: SF20481005S

U.S. Patented Dura-Check Seal Head Assembly Now Available!

Replaces Assembly SF20481005 - No Modifications Required.

Only WSI offers a Replaceable Seat on the Inlet Side of the Seal Head Assembly to protect the expensive seal head body from contact with moving parts. All waterjet companies have this feature for the outlet side of the seal head but only WSI’s Patented Technology protects BOTH ends of your seal head.
The result is extended seal head life, Reduced maintenance times, and SAVINGS for both! All this at the same price as the standard assembly. Start Saving Time and Money Today with Dura-Check Technology!

(U.S. Patent Number 7.728.838)

This Assembly Contains:
1-SF20481009S Body, Sealing Head, Single Inlet, Seat
1-SF20453619 Inlet Poppet, Sealing Head, Single Inlet
1-SL05116777 Gland Nut, Sealing Head
1-SL05112768 Outlet Seat, Sealing Head
1-SL05116561 Flat Outlet Poppet, Sealing Head
1-SF20474395S Screw, Inlet Poppet Retainer, Sealing Head, Seat
1-SP05147863 Spring, Flat Outlet Poppet, Sealing Head
1-SF20474391 Inlet Poppet Retainer, Sealing Head
1-SF20474391S Inlet Seat, Sealing Head, Single Inlet, Seat
1-SL05116751 Spring Guide, Flat Outlet Poppet, Sealing Head

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