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WSI Part Number: SF72110979S

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WSI's Exclusive "Dura-Check" Patented Technology - TRULY A BETTER SEAL HEAD ASSEMBLY - Here's Why...

All waterjet companies have replaceable seats on the outlet end of their seal head assemblies to protect the expensive, main body from contact with moving parts. WSI is the only manufacturer who also offers a replaceable seat on the inlet side of the assembly so that both ends, inlet and outlet, are protected from wear and tear caused by contact with the moving poppets.
And best of all, the Dura-Check Seal Head Assembly drops right into place of your old assembly with no changes necessary. Just buy it, install it, and throw the old, outdated technology away.
Contact WSI to discuss special pricing incentives to upgrade your pump today.
Dura-Check Seal Head Assemblies - Lower Costs, Lower Maintenance, Increase Operational Life...TRULY A BETTER SEAL HEAD ASSEMBLY!

U.S. Patent No. 7,278,838

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