WSI to offer KMT SUPRAlife and Flow Hyperjet Compatible Seal Cartridge Assemblies

WSI is pleased to announce it will begin manufacturing and selling seal cartridge assemblies in October of 2022, which are compatible with KMT SUPRAlife Canister Seal Assemblies (KMT Part Number 72158494) and Flow Hyperjet Seal Carrier Cartridges (Flow part number 040015-1). Until recently, each of these UHP seal cartridge assemblies has been actively registered under U.S. Patent # 6,802,541, U.S. Patent # 7,247,006 and U.S. Patent # 7,568, 424. The last of these patents expires in October and will no longer be applicable to these assemblies.

With the completion of our KMT SUPRAlife style seal cartridge, WSI will be able to offer the complete KMT PRO III style intensifier, which is 100% interchangeable with the KMT version. This intensifier includes all items in the assembly ranging from the mounting stems at the base, to the proximity switches above, and to the outlet gland nuts on each outer end.

In addition to manufacturing seal cartridges for use on the KMT PRO III Waterjet pumps, WSI will manufacture canister seal assemblies for use on Flow Hyperjet 94K waterjet pumps. This means WSI is now able to offer all high-pressure components for use on Flow Hyperjet 94,000 psi (6,500 bar) intensifiers which includes items such as check valve assemblies, ultra-high polished ceramic plungers, high pressure cylinders, cylinder spacers, and of course the high pressure seals.

In addition to manufacturing parts for use on KMT 90,000 psi waterjet pumps and Flow 94,000 psi waterjet pumps, WSI manufactures an extensive line of complete waterjet valve assemblies for the same systems. For KMT waterjet systems we offer both the Normally Closed 90,00 psi pneumatic valve (KMT part number 20480359) and the Normally Open 90,000 psi pneumatic cutting valve (part number 20478997). We also manufacture the KMT Normally Open 2 Port Dump Valve Assembly (part number 20468634). Also complimenting these cutting heads are WSI’s style of the KMT IDE PRO abrasive cutting heads manufactured in sizes ranging from .009” to .0016” (part numbers 20481409, 20481410, 20481411, 20481412, 20481413, 20481414, 20481415, 20481416).

With regard to Flow style on / off valves, we manufacture a complete valve compatible with the Flow Universal Valve 94ksi. All parts are 100% interchangeable with the Flow style valve.

As background for our company, WSI has been manufacturing premium waterjet replacement parts for use on KMT and Flow Waterjet systems in our headquarters manufacturing facility in Joplin, Missouri, U.S.A for over 30 years. WSI also manufactures complete waterjet pumps and is a preferred supplier of waterjet products to many of the world’s largest automotive and aerospace manufacturers. The parts we manufacture for them are the same parts we offer to you at the same competitive prices and backed by industry leading service and support. Contact WSI today to see how we can save you money while enhancing your overall waterjet experience.

Note: SUPRAlife is a trademark of KMT Waterjet. WSI is in no way affiliated with KMT Waterjet or Flow Waterjet Systems.