Are Small High-Pressure Water Leaks Draining Your Waterjet Budget?

Waterjet cutting systems play a vital role in various industries, but even the smallest leaks in high-pressure connections and fittings can lead to significant financial repercussions. Often, these tiny leaks are ignored until they escalate into more substantial issues, causing downtime and costly repairs. Let's delve into why addressing these leaks promptly is crucial, and how choosing the rig... Read More

The Waterjet Industry’s Confusing World of Redundant Names

Navigating the terminology within the waterjet industry can be a frustrating task. With various companies, countries, and individuals having different names for the same items, it's easy to become perplexed. In this blog, we'll explore some of the commonly used redundant names in the waterjet industry and shed light on the confusion they can cause. Plunger Seals, High-Pressure Seals and Dynami... Read More

Qualifying Waterjet Suppliers: Finding Reliable Partners in a Crowded Market

With numerous waterjet suppliers in the market, it can be a daunting task to determine which ones are reputable and offer consistent, high-performing products. Complicating matters, many waterjet suppliers do not manufacture their own products, relying instead on sourcing components from various suppliers and merging them together. This practice often results in unpredictable and inconsistent qu... Read More

KMT SL-VI Waterjet Pumps – WSI Spare Part Savings and Upgrades

Owners of Streamline SL-VI waterjet pumps, made by KMT Waterjet, may feel they have no alternatives when it comes to purchasing high pressure cylinders and seal heads for their pumps.  This is because KMT made slight changes to these parts when changing from the SL-V to SL-VI pump models.  The changes pertained to the sealing areas where these two parts mate and seal.  These changes, even thoug... Read More

WSI to offer KMT SUPRAlife and Flow Hyperjet Compatible Seal Cartridge Assemblies

WSI is pleased to announce it will begin manufacturing and selling seal cartridge assemblies in October of 2022, which are compatible with KMT SUPRAlife Canister Seal Assemblies (KMT Part Number 72158494) and Flow Hyperjet Seal Carrier Cartridges (Flow part number 040015-1). Until recently, each of these UHP seal cartridge assemblies has been actively registered under U.S. Patent # 6,802,541, U.S.... Read More

WSI Now Manufactures and Supports Components for Use on the KMT Streamline PRO III 90,000 PSI / 6,200 bar Waterjet Pumps

WSI is glad to announce it now manufactures and supports components for use on the KMT PRO III 90K waterjet pumps utilizing intensifier assembly number 72170165.  All waterjet-specific high pressure and low pressure items on the assembly are manufactured in WSI’s headquarters in Joplin, Missouri U.S.A.  These items range from the mounting stems, which hold the assembly in place, on up to the h... Read More

WSI Maintenance Tip – How to extend the life of your Flow Waterjet High Pressure Cylinder 007038-3

We would like to share a true story that has a very happy ending for many Flow Waterjet Cutting Pump users! Waterjet Systems International has been a waterjet manufacturer and waterjet service provider for more than 30 years, in addition to the having 30 years of waterjet manufacturing experience the founders of our company had prior to starting WSI. We began by manufacturing waterjet compo... Read More

WSI Waterjet Systems International is proud to introduce revamped Website and Online Store designed to enhance navigation and search experience

We’ve also added more than 100 new products as well as our new product line of Flow Waterjet and H20 Waterjet compatible parts and our catalog of WSI Waterjet Parts for KMT Waterjet Equipment. With dynamic new graphics, it’s never been easier to find what you need from our entire catalog of ultra-high-pressure and high-performance waterjet cutting pumps and replacement parts. THE WSI... Read More

WSI now supports the KMT NEOLine 40i Waterjet Pump!

WSI now manufactures and stocks premium waterjet replacement parts for use on the KMT NEOLine 40i waterjet pump.  WSI high-pressure waterjet parts are manufactured in WSI’s facility in Joplin, MO USA and are completely interchangeable with the NEOLine 40i KMT waterjet replacement parts. WSI has specialized in the manufacture of high-pressure waterjet parts for use on KMT waterjet pumps and K... Read More