WSI Now Manufactures and Supports Components for Use on the KMT Streamline PRO III 90,000 PSI / 6,200 bar Waterjet Pumps

WSI is glad to announce it now manufactures and supports components for use on the KMT PRO III 90K waterjet pumps utilizing intensifier assembly number 72170165.  All waterjet-specific high pressure and low pressure items on the assembly are manufactured in WSI’s headquarters in Joplin, Missouri U.S.A.  These items range from the mounting stems, which hold the assembly in place, on up to the hydraulic drive and all the way out to the seal head gland nuts.  The remainder of the assembly is made up of premium sourced items such as o-rings, wear bands, bolts, and proximity switches.

There are two versions of seal heads associated with KMT PRO III intensifier number 72170165.

It was originally outfitted with seal head assembly number 72170157 which utilized a ball style poppet on the inlet side of the body.  The ball was captured in a pocket of the seal head body by a dowel pin / retaining ring combination.  It also used outlet seat number, 72101570, which was a hold over from the KMT PRO II model of 90K pumps.  WSI manufactures and supports all items from this seal head assembly except for the seal head body itself; part number (72165539).  WSI chose not to manufacture this body and instead focused on manufacturing the newest style of KMT seal head which is assembly number 7219002179.  The reason being the old style seal head assembly can easily be upgraded to the new, superior, seal head assembly when the old style body needs to be replaced.  We recommend contacting WSI to discuss special discount opportunities at the time of upgrade.

The new stye seal head assembly for the PRO III is assembly number 7219002179.  It utilizes a flat style inlet poppet which is captured by a poppet retainer similar to retainers used in other KMT pumps such as the Streamline SL-V 100hp pumps.  This proven design is superior to the pocketed ball design since the wear area of the seal head body can easily be lapped and grinded as need to restore a good sealing surface.  The seat of the new seal head design is a coned seat which is something new for KMT.  It is a design feature likely pulled over from Flow waterjet’s 94K Hyperjet waterjet pump design following the purchase of both KMT Waterjet and Flow Waterjet by what was originally American Industrial Partners and has now been packaged as part of the Shape Technologies company.  WSI manufactures, stocks, and supports this complete assembly and highly recommends it versus the old design.  As mentioned earlier, we recommend contacting WSI to discuss special discount opportunities to upgrade once your old style body (KMT part # 10146082) wears out.

WSI manufactures and stocks the repair kits for the above assemblies.  KMT part numbers for the old style kits are 72117819, which repairs the inlet and outlet sides of the seal head, and the 72135447, which repairs the outlet side only.  The new style kits are KMT part numbers 7219013213, which rebuilds the inlet and outlet sides, and the 7219013217, which rebuilds the outlet side of the seal head.

In addition to the above assemblies, WSI offers other items to support the PRO III 90K / 6,000 bar systems such as booster pump 49836778, hydraulic filter element 05104187, low water pressure filter element 72125264, and low water pressure strainer assembly KMT part number 20412815.

KMT Supralife Canister Seal Assembly Part Number 72158494

The last item WSI has manufactured for the assembly is what KMT calls its Supralife canister seal assembly, part number 72158494.  This canister seal assembly is used in the KMT PRO III waterjet pumps to create a seal between the high-pressure 90K cylinder 72166738 and the ceramic plunger, KMT part number 72162253.  These sealing areas are what separates the high pressure water portion of the pump from the hydraulic drive portion of the pump.  As with the coned seal head seat mentioned earlier in this article, the Supralife canister seal assembly was originally designed, patented, and used by Flow water jet in its 94,000 PSI Hyperjet waterjet pumps.  KMT was able to begin using this design, among others, when Shape Technologies purchased both Flow and KMT waterjet and placed them under the same group of companies.  WSI also manufactures premium Flow style products for use on the Flow Hyperjet pumps.  An introduction of these items can be found in other WSI posts.  Those interested in purchasing the KMT Supralife or Flow Hyperjet style seal carrier cartridges can contact WSI and its worldwide distributor network for pricing and availability.

We hope this announcement provides useful information for the items we offer for your KMT PRO III water jet pump.  A complete list of items and exploded view drawings can be found by visiting our website and selecting the “SHOP PARTS” button on the main image of our homepage.

WSI Waterjet Systems International has manufactured its own waterjet products since 1990 and is in no way associated with KMT Waterjet Systems.  Corporate names, trademarks, and part numbers referenced in this article are for identification and convenience only.