KMT SL-VI Waterjet Pumps – WSI Spare Part Savings and Upgrades

Owners of Streamline SL-VI waterjet pumps, made by KMT Waterjet, may feel they have no alternatives when it comes to purchasing high pressure cylinders and seal heads for their pumps.  This is because KMT made slight changes to these parts when changing from the SL-V to SL-VI pump models.  The changes pertained to the sealing areas where these two parts mate and seal.  These changes, even though only slight, qualified the parts for a US Patent.  Therefore, the parts can only be sold by KMT until the patent expires in 17 or so years.

The good news for owners of KMT SLVI waterjet pumps is that there actually IS an alternative for their SLVI hp cylinders and seal heads.  In fact, one of the alternatives is less expensive, more durable, and easier to maintain than the original KMT waterjet parts.  Further good news is that these alternative parts directly replace the original SL-VI high pressure cylinder and sealing head bodies.  There is no need for adjustments to tubing lengths or any other items on the pump.  As an added bonus, the maintenance for these two parts, their torque values, and the tools used to assemble the parts are the same.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is not, and here’s why.

To understand the conversion, it is helpful to first understand there is very little difference between the KMT Waterjet SL-V and SL-VI waterjet intensifiers.  In fact, all parts of both intensifiers are exactly the same with the exception of the high-pressure cylinder and seal head body.  The difference in these two parts are the sealing angles where the parts are compressed together to make a high pressure, metal to metal seal.  The SL-V version of the parts seal against each other using adjacent linear surfaces, whereas, the SL-VI parts seal using radiuses.  As stated earlier, the difference is minimal but it was enough of a change that KMT was able to secure a patent.  The good news is that both designs seal very similarly and work the same way.

The question then becomes, if the two options are equal in fit and function, why should someone switch from the original SL-VI waterjet pump parts to those used on the KMT SL-V pumps?  The first, and most basic reason, is cost.  The equivalent parts offered by WSI average 20% to 30% lower in price than the original KMT waterjet parts.  Given the price of the parts, these savings are substantial.  The second reason is availability.  The original KMT SL-VI parts can be supplied only by KMT Waterjet.  Conversely, the SLV parts are supplied not only by KMT Waterjet but also WSI Waterjet.  Having two suppliers eliminates backorder situations and ensures you will always receive the best pricing, service, and delivery.  Lastly, if you choose to upgrade to WSI’s DuraCheck version of the sealing head assembly, you will also gain improved durability and improved ease of maintenance versus the original KMT parts.

So why is WSI’s DuraCheck Sealing Head better?  Here is why.  All seal heads and check valves in the waterjet industry utilize a replaceable seat on the outlet side of the assembly to protect the expensive body from damage due to contact with moving parts.  WSI’s, DuraCheck Seal Head Assembly, is the only seal head in the industry to also have a replaceable seat on the inlet side of the body.  Therefore, both ends are protected from contact with moving poppets.  The result is a high-pressure sealing head assembly that is more forgiving and robust than any other head in the waterjet industry.  If a leak path or other damage occurs on the inlet side of the genuine KMT sealing head, the body will require grinding of the surface or in many cases it must be discarded.  If damage occurs in the same inlet area of the DuraCheck sealing head assembly, the inexpensive replaceable seat can simply be replaced and the expensive seal head body can go back into operation to realize its full operational potential.

If you are interested in upgrading your SL-VI waterjet intensifier to the WSI DuraCheck system, you will only need to replace two parts.  Owners of KMT Neoline pumps and KMT SL-VI 15hp – 60hp pumps with pressure ratings of 60,000 psi / 4,100 bar will first need to purchase WSI’s version of the KMT high-pressure cylinder part number 05144647 (Also listed as KMT part number 20479503).  This cylinder will replace KMT SL-VI high pressure cylinder part number 72160831.  The second, and only other part you will need to purchase is WSI’s DuraCheck Sealing Head Assembly part number SF20481005S (Download Line Card).  This assembly will replace KMT Sealing Head Assembly part number 72142526.  If you prefer, the DuraCheck Seal Head Assembly can also be used to replace only the KMT Sealing Head body which is part number 72142493.  This is possible because all other parts of the original KMT sealing head can be used on the DuraCheck Assembly.

KMT Neoline and SL-VI 15hp – 60hp pump owners who do not wish to upgrade to the DuraCheck System but would still like to lower their costs and have two suppliers, can convert to the standard SLV cylinder / sealing head combination.  This conversion requires you purchase KMT sealing head part number 20481009 (or assembly number 20481005 ) and KMT high pressure cylinder part number 05144647 (also listed as KMT part number 20479503).  WSI maintains of stock of these parts ready for immediate delivery.  All other high-pressure parts on the SL-VI waterjet pump are interchangeable with those on the SL-V version.

Owners of KMT Streamline SL-VI Waterjet pumps with 100 hp to 200 hp ratings and operating pressures of 60,000 psi / 4,100 bar will need to replace their original KMT SL-VI hp cylinder, part number 72154588, with KMT part number 20473479 (Also listed as KMT part numbers 20431076, 72119536, 80076797).  To complete the conversion, the owner will also need to purchase KMT part number 72110961 which is the SLV style sealing head body.  This item replaces the original KMT seal head body, part number 72154580, which is sold on the SLVI pumps.  The seal head body is the only part of the original SL-VI Sealing Head Assembly (part number 72154603) which needs to be purchased.  This is because all other existing items can be used to rebuild the assembly.

To upgrade your 100hp or 200hp KMT SL-VI pump to the WSI DuraCheck System you would purchase the 20473479 cylinder (see above paragraph for alternate KMT part numbers) and WSI’s SF72110979S DuraCheck assembly (Download Line Card).  These would replace the original KMT Sealing Head 72154580 or KMT Sealing Head Assembly 72154603.  And would replace the SLVI style high pressure cylinder with part number 72154588.

Reading the above instructions may seem overwhelming but in practice there are only two items which are being replaced.  They are direct replacements for what is already on the machine.  As you consider upgrading or reconfiguring your pump, please keep in mind WSI offers promotional and special package pricing for customers who are converting their waterjet pumps.  We can work with you to optimize your conversion so you save money and effort in both the short term and the long term.

Contact WSI to purchase all items discussed in this article as well as all high-pressure items for your KMT pumps.  If you own a SL-VI pump but you prefer to keep the original configuration, WSI would still be happy to save you money on all other high-pressure components for your SL-VI pump.  WSI also manufactures all high-pressure components for most other KMT waterjet pumps including the KMT Streamline PRO III 90,000 psi / 6,000 Bar pumps.

As background for our company, WSI has been manufacturing premium waterjet replacement parts for use on KMT Waterjet, Flow Waterjet, and H2O Jet systems in our headquarters manufacturing facility in Joplin, Missouri, U.S.A. for over 30 years.  WSI also manufactures complete waterjet pumps.  We are a preferred supplier of spare parts to many of the world’s largest automotive and aerospace manufacturers.  The parts we manufacture for them are the same parts we offer you at the same competitive prices and backed by the same industry leading service and support.  Contact WSI today to see how we can save you money while enhancing your overall waterjet operations.    s background to you at the while enhancing your overall waterjet experience.

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