WSI now supports the KMT NEOLine 40i Waterjet Pump!

WSI now manufactures and stocks premium waterjet replacement parts for use on the KMT NEOLine 40i waterjet pump.  WSI high-pressure waterjet parts are manufactured in WSI’s facility in Joplin, MO USA and are completely interchangeable with the NEOLine 40i KMT waterjet replacement parts.

WSI has specialized in the manufacture of high-pressure waterjet parts for use on KMT waterjet pumps and KMT waterjet cutting valves since 1990.  WSI also manufactures and stocks other items used with the NEOLine 40i KMT Waterjet Pumps such as the Autoline I style cutting head and the IDE style cutting head.  Many other items used on the NEOLine 40i such as Autoclave brand high-pressure tubing and fittings, Allen Bradley brand electronic proximity switches, orifices, low water pressure filter elements, and hydraulic oil filter elements are also available at prices significantly lower than the OEM.

Contact WSI today to increase your bottom line with these and hundreds of other OEM quality waterjet replacement parts manufactured by WSI.