WSI Maintenance Tip – How to extend the life of your Flow Waterjet High Pressure Cylinder 007038-3

WSI Waterjet Systems International Water jet WA1008 high pressure seal replacement part to extend the life of your Flow Waterjet High Pressure Cylinder 007038-3

We would like to share a true story that has a very happy ending for many Flow Waterjet Cutting Pump users!

Waterjet Systems International has been a waterjet manufacturer and waterjet service provider for more than 30 years, in addition to the having 30 years of waterjet manufacturing experience the founders of our company had prior to starting WSI.

We began by manufacturing waterjet components for use on KMT waterjet pumps and KMT pneumatic valves. Within two years, we had developed our own proprietary line of WSI high-pressure waterjet pumps and accessories.

Despite requests from companies who operated Flow waterjet pumps alongside WSI and KMT waterjet pumps, we only specialized in WSI and KMT product lines until recently. You can now order from the full range of Flow-style and H20 Waterjet-style waterjet products WSI manufactures, which will save you money while also guaranteeing the same life and performance as the original high-pressure products they replace.

Now back to our story…Although historically we had not manufacture Flow waterjet pumps or other Flow style products, we began noticing our proprietary WSI – WA1008 high pressure cylinder seals were becoming a favorite of companies who were longtime users of Flow waterjet pumps.

This was odd because these companies regularly ordered from us and the orders were always limited to the WA1008 seals. Eventually, we began asking these customers why so many of them were buying the WA1008 seals (we assumed they were not eating them for breakfast!) We learned that these knowledgeable, longtime users of Flow waterjet pumps had discovered on their own that the WSI brand WA1008 high pressure seals were slightly larger in outside diameter than the Flow high pressure seals part number 001198-1 and 004406-1 and were made of a different material than the Flow style cylinder seals.

They told us that, over time, the inside sealing area of the bores of the Flow high pressure cylinders 007038-3 would grow in size to the point where the Flow high pressure seals would no longer seal the cylinder and therefore the cylinder was no longer useful. Using the WSI WA1008 high pressure seals, with their larger outside diameter and proprietary material, allowed them to continue using the Flow high pressure cylinders for a longer period of time. This helped them save a considerable amount of money on Flow 007038-3 cylinder purchases.

If you have experienced or are experiencing this same issue, we would be happy to send you a sample WA1008 high pressure seal to try free of charge. We will pay for free shipping inside the continental U.S. If you are outside the Continental U.S. please ask our European office or a WSI distributor about assistance with shipping charges.  We are confident you will be pleased with the savings.

Thanks for reading our blog.  We hope you found it helpful!


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