Meet the V40

High-End Performance. Low-End Price. 

Poised to make pump ownership a first-time reality for many businesses, the V40 utilizes WSI’s industrially-proven intensifier technology for a fraction of the price and footprint.  The V40 was designed to serve the waterjet cutting needs of the masses, maximizing efficiency and output at a substantially lower purchase price.

  • Proven heavy-duty industrial high-pressure intensifier with ceramic plungers.
  • Slow intensifier speed – 25 cycles/minute. This slow speed reduces both the number of the pressure spikes in the system and the number of pressure reversals.
  • One large (5” OD) accumulator ensures low pulsations in the high-pressure system.
  • A pneumatic bleed-down assembly provides depressurization of the high-pressure system immediately upon shutdown.
  • All high-pressure tubing and fittings are Autoclave.
  • Highly reliable proximity switches control sequencing of the intensifier.
  • Oversized, low-load motor.
  • Low hydraulic pressure – 3,000 psi / 200 bars.
  • A dial, main compensator allows for simple control of the cutting water pressure.
  • The unit has a hydraulic oil cooling system with a full-flow oil heat exchanger.
  • The oil reservoir has an access lid for easy maintenance.
  • Brass fittings are used on the entire inlet water system to protect against corrosion.
  • Complete set of spares, special tools, and comprehensive manuals are included in each unit.